What can TV Sales Data do for you?

Your sales data is
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Reporting can be customized to your specifications based on the way you use insights to develop and maximize sales.

A unique personal log in allows you the access to reporting and data to help you make quick informed data driven decisions. Whether it's one company or many, your data can be easily accessed with a click of the mouse allowing you an overview of your entire business or being able to quickly dig down into the exact information you need to be more knowledgeable about your products from a wide range of data and the ability to make fast decisions saving time and money.

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Detailed in-motion analysis of your on-air presentation

Our team can provide this unique, tested, real time data capture and analysis of your live presentation which gives you the ability to adjust future presentations regarding product features, demonstrations, host and guest mentions and visuals that will give you the knowledge to not only increase your call volume spikes but to know what slows your live presentation down. We feel that utilizing this feature of TVSALES Data for an ongoing item, a brand currently on air, an important launch of a new single product, or to simply learn what is driving a single item during the live presentation is invaluable. Our team can help you learn the ‘Hits’ and ‘Misses’ of a presentation delivering you an easy to read in-motion chart pointing out key selling features and demos. We assume you already know what drives your product sales but are you utilizing detailed analysis of what points and demos that are actually creating dips in call volume. Knowing this information is critical as avoiding the small drop-offs can actually increase your overall DPM’s.

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